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-Orientation Programme-

Course Details

Course Overview:

This course designed to orient surveying graduates apprentice surveyors to afford capability on handling surveying according to the survey department regulations and statutory law in Sri Lanka, and utilize the government resources such as human, finance and physical according to Financial Regulation and Establishment Code of the country.

This orientation programme included three modules and each module consists of two months period. Written examinations are conducted at the end of each module on all the subjects in addition to assignments, tutorials and practical examinations.

Requirements for admissions

Local Students:

Not Applicable.

Course Content

Module 01
Course Code Course Title
OC11001 Standing Orders and Department Survey Regulations
OC11002 Professional Studies I
OC11003 OC11003 Office Systems and Procedure
OC11004 OC11004 Digital Data Management
OC11005 Department Data Bases
OC11006 OC11006 IT Applications
OC11007 OC11007 Preparation of Plans
OC11008 Field Visit
OC11009 OC11009 Case Studies
OC11010 Research / Technical writing