Facilities / Accomodation



All regular students and permanent staff members are provided with accommodations within the ISMD premises during their stay. An extensive building program was launched under a special project funded by the UNDP at the time of promoting the institute as a degree-awarding institute in the late nineties. Under this project, ISMD was significantly improved physically, besides its academic enhancement. Two story main building where all administrative and academic staff are housed, two story buildings for ladies hostel and gents hostel, and three buildings for lecturers residents can be cited as new additions, among others, to the ISMD premises.

Not only for the regular students, but also for the course participant those who attend on short-term courses will be provided with bachelor lodgings upon the request. However, the institute has limited facilities of married accomodation for students.

All the quarters and hostels are equipped with limited furniture to meet the basic requirement of the occupants, but more items can be obtained, if needed, based on the additional monthly rental payment. Occupants are expected to make a nominal payment exclusive of electricity and water for the period of stay.