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Global Navigation Satellite System

Course Overview:

Global Positioning System, or in short GPS, is serving positioning and navigation requirements for over two decades. In Sri Lanka, use of GNSS is growing day by day for applications including fleet tracking and management, Location Based Services (LBS) and most importantly surveying and mapping. Regardless of the GNSS used, various applications could be grouped into following categories: Personal Navigation, Aviation Application, Automotive Application, Marine Application, Space Application, Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Exploration, Geodesy & Precision Surveying, Remote Sensing of Environment etc.

Tailored short-terms course on GNSS at ISMD is aimed at imparting the participants with knowledge about GPS/DGPS/GNSS, its working principles and modern day applications. More importantly, it covers the practical aspects of the technology from user’s point of view. In addition, it provides information about GPS data collection in the field. This course also offers guidance and data to users on selecting right equipment for their use. For more information please contact Deputy Surveyor General (Academic) at

Course Code Course Title
SC 0310 Introduction Programme on Navigation
SC 0311 Training programme on GNSS