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"GIS, Remote Sensing & Mapping"

Course Overview:

There is immense need in the country to enhance the capacity and knowledge of middle level resource managers and professionals from Govt. Departments, Non-Governmental Organisations, Universities and Educational Institutions in understanding various dimensions of Geoinformation Science and Technology for natural resource management and decision making. Accordingly ISMD has organized many tailored short courses based on the requirement to train various professionals to acquire good working knowledge of the theory and practice of the Geoinformatics and enabling technologies.

These courses are reviewed regularly by the authority and takes necessary measures to enhance the quality. The feedback of the participants at the end of each course will be taken into consideration in this respect. For joining instructions & term and conditions will be sent ahead of time after inquiry. Course fee included accommodation refreshment. For more information please contact Deputy Surveyor General (Academic) at

Course Code Course Title
SC 0307 GIS for Beginners
SC 0308 Advanced GIS
SC 0309 Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry for Mapping