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-GIS for Beginners-


Course Out Line:

This course will cover give a quick overview of GIS and what's great about it, take a first look at ArcGIS and identify key elements in the interface, and define core geospatial concepts and terminology.

Introduction to GIS: Overall introduction to GIS with its capability and function in geographical data analysis, Data Modelling & Different types of data input to Data Input in GIS.

Displaying Spatial Information: Adding collected data into GIS environment and preparation of digital maps and map layouts for different purposes.

Georefereincing and Digitization: Transformation of image into local coordinate system with known control points and collecting data from georeferenced image using digitizing technology.

Data Analysis: Analysing of spatial and attribute data of a particular area and building up queries for decision making.

Preparation of Database: Preparation of Database to crate individual GIS and doing spatial analysis with available tools.

Target Group:

GIS users from Forest, Wildlife, Archaeological departments & Land Use Planners, Decision makers, Policy developers, Head of the departments


The course has been designed for those who have interested to learn basic knowledge in GIS


English / Sinhala

Course Duration:

3 days

Course fee per candidate Benefits:

Rs. 9,000.00 + Vat (Inclusive of accommodation)


A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of the course

Course Evaluation:

Practical tasks will be evaluated to measure performance.

Number of Participants:

Minimum 20 participants and maximum 30 participants from same organization.

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