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-Diploma Course-

Course Details

Course Overview:

To cater to the needs of the Survey Department in the training of it's Cartographic, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric, Aerial Photographer and Lithography Laboratory Technicians. This diploma programme accomplishes SLQF Level 04 with 60-credit and specially focussed to provide knowledge on Cartography, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System. It consists of subjects of geographical data capturing methods to understand the data collection methods for surveying and mapping.

Requirements for admissions

Local Students:

Should have passed the G. C. E. (A/L) Examination in three subjects in science/mathematics/technology subject stream in one sitting with two subjects of Combined Maths and Physics and

Should have passed the G. C. E. (O/L) Examination in six (06) subjects in one sitting with credit passes for Sinhala/Tamil/English language, Science, Mathematics and another one subject

Course Content

1st Quarter
Course Code Course Title Credit Rating
SLTS111001 English I (ENGL I) 1
SLTS111002 Mathematics I (MATHS I) 2
SLTS111003 Physics I (PHY I) 1
SLTS111004 Elementary Surveying I (SUR I) 2
SLTS111005 Surveying Practical I (SURP I) 2
SLTS111006 Cartography I (CARTO I) 2
SLTS111007 Remote Sensing I (RS I) 2
SLTS111008 Photogrammetry I (PHOTO I) 2
SLTS111009 Departmental Orders I (ORDERS I) 2
Total 16