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-Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Surveying Sciences-

Course Details

Course Overview:

ISMD offers Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Surveying Sciences four years degree with the main objective is to produce graduates eminently suitable for appointments as Land Surveyors & Geoinforrmatic Specialist (Such as Photogrammetrists, Experts in Geographical Information System, Remote Sensing Scientists and Cartographers). This degree programme accomplishes SLQF Level 06 with 150-credit and specially focussed to provide knowledge on Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Hydrography and Cartography other than Geodesy and Land Surveying. It consists of subjects such as Land Law, Land Valuation, and Environmental Studies, which make it suitable for Land Administration as well.

During the curriculum revision process, the guidelines of Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) were referred in preparation of Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs), Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs), Lesson Learning Outcomes (LLOs), course specifications, teaching & learning strategies and assessment strategies. Undergraduates will gain a comprehensive training both on theoretical and practical aspects of Surveying Science in connection with Geoinformatic field.

Requirements for admissions

Departmental Candidates:

Admission from Apprentice Surveyors: Should have B.Sc. Degree (with Mathematics or Physics as a subject of the degree) or Information Technology (having passed Mathematics in GCE A/L examination) or civil engineering from a recognized university or institute recognized by University Grant Commission and have been recruited as an apprentice surveyor to Survey Department according to existing Sri Lanka Survey Service minute. or

Admission from the Departmental officers Sri Lanka Technological Service (SLTS) officers in Survey Department of Sri Lanka who satisfy the following conditions are admitted to the degree programme.

  • Officers working and confirmed in their post in Sri Lanka Technical Service of Survey Department and passed G.C.E.(A/L) in Mathematics at old or new syllabus.
  • Should have passed a competitive written examination conducted by the examination branch of Survey Department.

Course Content

Year I Semester I
Course Code Course Title Credit Rating
1101 Elementary Surveying 2
1102 Mathematics I for Surveying 2
1103 Mathematics II for Surveying 2
1104 Physics I for Surveying 2
1105 Land Surveying Practical I 8
1106 English I 2
1107 Basic Cartography 2
Total 20
Year I Semester II
Course Code Course Title Credit Rating
1201 Surveying and Levelling 2
1202 Mathematics III for Surveying 2
1203 Physics II for Surveying 2
1204 Land Surveying Practical II 8
1205 English II 2
1206 Survey Regulations 1
1207 Geodesy I 2
1208 Land Administration I 2
Total 21