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-Certificate Course-

Course Details

Course Overview:

This is a NVQ Level 2 certificate programme specially designed to train the candidate to learn the entire process of assisting the surveyor in the field to carry out any type of land surveys. This essentially includes survey instrument handling and caring during and after the surveys.

This course includes two week in-house training in theoretical and practical aspects, and ten week on the job training. The candidates who successfully complete the training programme will qualify as survey field assistants and are capable of being working as a survey field assistants in the industry.

Requirements for admissions

Local Students:

Should have passed the G. C. E. Ordinary Level Examination in six (06) subjects with at least two credits passes in not more than two sittings.

Course Content

Module Code Module Title
Module 1: M-01 Identification of survey site
Module 2: M-02 Preparation of site for surveying
Module 3: M-03 Preparing sketch of the survey site
Module 4: M-04 Setting up surveying and leveling instruments
Module 5: M-05 Carrying out surveys
Module 6: M-06 Maintaining instruments
Module 7: M-07 Record keeping
Module 8: M-08 Maintaining sub stores
Module 9: M-09 Maintaining the services of officers
Module 10: M-10 Maintaining the relationship