Message of the Deputy Surveyor General (Geodetic)

The Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Diyatalawa is the key Organization that produces Surveyors and Mappers as well as to refresh the new trend of Technologies of all professionals involved in departmental activities, performing to land which is the foundation of all forms of human activity.

While population of our country is ever- increasing, there is a great demand for land surveying and Mapping activities. In fact, today we are taking measurement more quickly and accurately by using global Positioning Systems (GPS) for establishing survey controls, Total Stations for ground measurements. Nowadays plans and maps are prepared in digital environment.

Survey Training School initially started in Colombo in the year of 1912 and moved to Diyatalawa in 1924. In 1969, it was upgraded as Institute of Surveying Mapping, Diyatalawa under the act no.21 of 1969. In 1990, once again Institute was upgraded as a recognized degree awarding institute under section 25A of the Universities act no.16 of 1978.

Today 197 Degree and Diploma holders receive their certificates. There are two special awards also. They are all Products of Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Diyatalawa.

Dear degree and Diploma recipients, our aims and objectives are to send you to the world as next generation of Surveyors and Mappers to contribute for the betterment of our mother land.

Wish you Happy and prosperous future.

Institute of Surveying and Mapping,