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Diploma(Advanced level) for Officers of Sri Lanka Technological service

Diploma of Cartography/ Photogrammetry/ Remote Sensing / Aerial Photography / Processgraphy/ Lithography/ Typography(Advanced Level) for Sri Lanka Technological service Officers

Objective of the course

To cater to the needs of the Survey Department in the training of it's Cartographic, Remote Sensing, 
Photogrammetric , Aerial Photographer and Laboratory Technicians. 

Nature of the course
Full time.
Course medium
Entry Qualification

Recruits to the Survey Department under normal Government Policies with the requirements of Sri Lanka 
Technological Service (SLTS). 

Annual Intake
This will depend mainly on the requirement of the Survey Department.
For further information
Director (Institute of Surveying and Mapping)
Note :

Course Entry

All long term courses are conducted only for Survey Department Officers

Course Content (in brief)

Basic Surveying and Levelling, Cartography, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, English, Departmental Orders, Geographical Information System , Land Information System  (LIS ) & Parcel Fabric
See Course Curriculum for full syllabus.