Computer Laboratory


The ISMD is well equipped with a computer laboratory possessing 35 computers that supports high quality modern software. The laboratory is open during the office hours and also in the night when necessity arises. There is a comprehensive range of computers ranging from old ones to very modern ones such as core 2 duo, Core i3 and Core i5. Various kinds of software packages commonly used in the surveying domain such as ZWCAD, ArcGIS 10.3, Ilwis, Ecplot and all MS packages that can be run on these computers in the windows operating environment are available in the lab.

This is one of the busiest laboratories in the ISMD through out the day and also in the night. All the course participants, whatever the course, including consultancy services and short term courses will be given basic knowledge on selected computer applications. All these computers are in one network under ISMD Local Area Network (LAN).